CD 1
Lista de Canciones :

  1. I’ts not unusual. T.J.
  2. A man without love. E.H.
  3. Help yourself. T.J.
  4. Release me. E.H.
  5. I’ll never fall in love again. T.J.
  6. The last waltz. E.H.
  7. Love me tonight. T.J.
  8. Les bicyclettes de belsize. E.H.
  9. She’s a lady. T.J.
  10. Spanish eyes. E.H.
  11. Whitout love. T.J.
  12. Am I that easy to forget?. E.H.
  13. Thunderball. T.J.
  14. I’m a better man. E.H.
  15. I(Who have nothing). T.J.
  16. By the time I get to Phoenix. E.H.

CD 2
Lista de Canciones :

  1. Delilah. T.J.
  2. Can’t take my eyes off you. E.H.
  3. Green, green grass of home. T.J.
  4. The way it used to be. E.H.
  5. What’s new Pussycat?. T.J.
  6. There’s a kind of hush. E.H.
  7. Daughter of darkness. T.J.
  8. The shadow of your smile. E.H.
  9. Detroit city. T.J.
  10. Winter world of love. E.H.
  11. I’m coming home. T.J.
  12. Gentle on my mind. E.H.
  13. Till. T.J.
  14. I wish you love. E.H.
  15. Get ready. T.J.
  16. This is my song. E.H.

CD 1:

CD 2:

Aporte de ADELMO



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