NANA MOUSKOURI – Ella canta… nada más (Seleccion Ludovico2810)

Nana Mouskouri

“Ella canta… nada más”

Una selección Ludovico2810, (incluída la carátula) con temas en Griego, Inglés,
Francés, Español, Alemán, Dutch (holandés), japonés, Italiano y vocalizado. Que lo

1. Mia thesi ston ilio (1985) (4:17) Griego.
2. Domenico “Spiel noch einmal fur mich” (1981) (3:22) Alemán.
3. Mouskouri, Nana – Come un’ eredita (4:25) Italiano.
4. A place in my heart (26.May.1971) (3:22) Inglés. (dif. versión)
5. Nana Mouskouri – Llegó con tres heridas (3:16) Español
6. Epilogue (22 al 25.Set.1970) (2:59) vocalizado
7. Parle moi”Guten abend gut’ nacht” (5.Abr.1979) (3:07) Francés
8. Koom Naar Korfoe (O Kaymos) (Dec.1965) (3:11) Dutch (Holandés)
9. Aka Tombo (Berceuse japonaise) (1978) (1:52) Japonés
10. Ti ho perso “Tu m’oublies” (1987) (4:22) Italiano
11. Ubers Meers “Du fahrst hinaus” (1981) (3:30)
12. Berceuse (9.Jun.1971) (3:05) Francés
13. El angel de la guarda (5.Abr.1965) (2:51) Español
14. Even Now (Oct. and Nov.1978) (3:41) Inglés
15. Kyr Mikalis (1977) (3:11) Griego
16. Vivre au soleil (Ago.1979) (3:26) Francés


Aporte LUDOVICO2810

3 comentarios to “NANA MOUSKOURI – Ella canta… nada más (Seleccion Ludovico2810)”

  1. Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika, Says:

    tonight I found the link to this album on the blog of San Jose 72-ii, and out of curiousity I clicked it.

    I don’t speak spanish at all, I only know very few words. But I figured that “ella canta nada mas” means “she sings no more”.
    My first thought: “she is dead!?”

    In my native language (german) it would mean just that, if somebody was said to be singing no more.

    So I googled her immeadiately, and I could not find any bad news like that about her. OK, I guess she is alive and well. But why no more singing? Did she retire now?

    The collection of songs looks very nice and interesting, so I am taking that. Thank you very much!

  2. GordiBonitaRincon Says:

    El rincon de los Recuerdos…
    answer to your question:

    is only an expression of the Spanish language. It means that when she sings, you do not need anything more … his song is …
    For peace of mind she is still singing well and as always, wonderfully.
    Sorry, no I speak their language well


    ist nur ein Ausdruck der spanischen Sprache. Das bedeutet, dass, wenn sie singt, ist es nicht notwendig etwas mehr … seinem Lied ist …
    Für den Frieden des Geistes ist sie immer noch singen, und wie immer wunderbar.
    Sorry, ich spreche nicht ihre Sprache und


  3. Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika, Says:

    thank you very much for answering my question. This is really amazing, how the same words have a completely different meaning in another language!!! I am stunned and would have never guessed THIS meaning, haha…

    I am very glad she is alive and well, and also glad that I learned something new! Thank you!!


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