Ella Fitzgerald – Jukebox Ella

Disc: 1

1. Stay There

2. The Sun Forgot To Shine This Morning

3. Too Young For The Blues

4. It’s Only A Man

5. Beale Street Blues

6. (The End Of) A Beautiful Friendship

7. The Silent Treatment

8. Hear My Heart

9. Hotta Chocolatta

10. A-Tisket, A-Tasket

11. Teach Me How To Cry

12. Swingin’ Shepherd Blues

13. Your Red Wagon

14. Travelin’ Light

15. Oh, What A Night For Love

16. Dreams Are Made For Children

17. But Not For Me

18. The Christmas Song

Disc: 2

1. The Secret Of Christmas

2. Medley: We Three Kings Of Orient Are/O Little Town Of Bethlehem

3. Ich Fuhle Mich Crazy (You’re Driving Me Crazy)

4. (You’ll Have To Swing It) Mr. Paganini

5. Call Me Darling

6. Bill Bailey, Won’t You Please Come Home?

7. Ol’ Man Mose

8. Desafinado

9. Stardust Bossa Nova

10. All The Live Long Day

11. I’m A Poached Egg (Without Toast)

12. Ringo Beat

13. I’m Fallin’ In Love

14. She’s Just A Quiet Girl

15. We Three (My Echo, My Shadow, And Me)

16. The Shadow Of Your Smile

17. A Place For Lovers

18. Lonely Is



Aporte PEPE


2 comentarios to “Ella Fitzgerald – Jukebox Ella”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Amazing record !! Ella is the best singer ever, no doubt !!
    Thanks !!

  2. Daf Says:

    Gracias por su maravilloso disco… la buena muúsica va mas allá de las generaciones.
    sigan así.


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